Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Little About Me

If I Could Star in any TV Commercial...
Target. Their commercials are always fun, musical, and colorful! (Plus I would ask to be paid in Target gift cards and products and I would be eternally happy!)

On Asking for Help
For whatever reason, I have tend to avoid asking people for help on a lot of things. I think the reason lies somewhere in between the facts that I like to figure things out myself and that I hate feeling like a nuisance.

On Children

I love to see little kids laugh at and do silly things

One Word for Each Year of My Life
0-1. Birth
2. Megan's birth
3. Happiness
4. Moving
5. School
6. Red Cluster
7-8. Neighborhood kids 
9. Courtney 
10. Double digits 
11. Boys 
12. High School 
13. Self-Consciousness 
14. Seniors and Soccer 
15. Volleyball 
16. Parties and Driving 
17. Future planning 
18. Growth
I'm Working Up the Courage to...
Get a tattoo.

The Most Destructive Force to Mankind:

If I Could Take Any Class for Free...
it would be a class on Apartheid and South African culture and history

The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet:
I wouldn't want to live without internet access because it connects me to the world when I'm stuck in my tiny town.

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