Friday, March 30, 2012


Everything I'm Looking For by The Dirty Heads
One of my favorite Dirty Heads song! It happened to start playing while I wrote up this post and its chilled out melody and lyrics seemed to fit perfectly with the summery vibe of this post!

Little Reilly on the lake in his favorite spot in the world

The Adirondack chairs with the best Adirondack view

Reilly and Dad bonding in the greatest place on earth

These are just a few pictures I took with a disposable camera last summer.  I've been looking through them and realizing how quickly this year has really gone by... Each day and each week seems to be taking forever, but when I look back on it, my senior year really did fly by like everyone warned me.  But I'm so ready to make loads of cash this summer (or am I?) and spend as much time (or hopefully MORE!) on the beach as I did last year.  Only a few short months and I'll be sitting on the beach, or on the boat, done with high school forever... I can't wait!

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