Friday, March 30, 2012


Everything I'm Looking For by The Dirty Heads
One of my favorite Dirty Heads song! It happened to start playing while I wrote up this post and its chilled out melody and lyrics seemed to fit perfectly with the summery vibe of this post!

Little Reilly on the lake in his favorite spot in the world

The Adirondack chairs with the best Adirondack view

Reilly and Dad bonding in the greatest place on earth

These are just a few pictures I took with a disposable camera last summer.  I've been looking through them and realizing how quickly this year has really gone by... Each day and each week seems to be taking forever, but when I look back on it, my senior year really did fly by like everyone warned me.  But I'm so ready to make loads of cash this summer (or am I?) and spend as much time (or hopefully MORE!) on the beach as I did last year.  Only a few short months and I'll be sitting on the beach, or on the boat, done with high school forever... I can't wait!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday

Today was quite the flustering day... I have felt like I have been in the Twilight zone all day... Thankfully though, I was able to finally enjoy the beautiful weather and sit outside by the lake!

Any who, last night I stayed up later than usual because of the opening of a brand new website!  It's from the creators of one of my favorite (and one of the most addicting) sites, StyleSays (as you can see in my sidebar) and it's fabulous!

It's called VogueWriter, and it's an awesome way to discover new stores and styles while seeing others opinions and creating your own.  Basically, it's a way to save pieces of clothing that speak to you- and make them speak to others.  It's a collection of clothing, beauty, and accessory stories!

And to make it even better, you can subscribe to your favorite stores and your friends to get opinions and discover more interesting tidbits.

Not sure? What if I told you that with every ReWrite that you did, item that you liked, person or store that you subscribed to, and time someone ReWrote, liked, or subscribed to you back, you got points, and with those points you could possibly win access to sales from new designers and brands.  Who could say no to new clothes up to 70% off!?

All in all, I've become obsessed (as I figured) and I've been given 25 invitations to share with anyone!
So, if you're interested (I don't know why you wouldn't be...) e-mail me and I'll send you an invitation and you can be one of the very first members (bragging rights included!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Little About Me

If I Could Star in any TV Commercial...
Target. Their commercials are always fun, musical, and colorful! (Plus I would ask to be paid in Target gift cards and products and I would be eternally happy!)

On Asking for Help
For whatever reason, I have tend to avoid asking people for help on a lot of things. I think the reason lies somewhere in between the facts that I like to figure things out myself and that I hate feeling like a nuisance.

On Children

I love to see little kids laugh at and do silly things

One Word for Each Year of My Life
0-1. Birth
2. Megan's birth
3. Happiness
4. Moving
5. School
6. Red Cluster
7-8. Neighborhood kids 
9. Courtney 
10. Double digits 
11. Boys 
12. High School 
13. Self-Consciousness 
14. Seniors and Soccer 
15. Volleyball 
16. Parties and Driving 
17. Future planning 
18. Growth
I'm Working Up the Courage to...
Get a tattoo.

The Most Destructive Force to Mankind:

If I Could Take Any Class for Free...
it would be a class on Apartheid and South African culture and history

The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet:
I wouldn't want to live without internet access because it connects me to the world when I'm stuck in my tiny town.