Friday, August 3, 2012

More shopping

   The other day, my aunt and her mother-in-law took my sister and I out for lunch then for a little shopping trip to thank us for taking care of their dogs the last week.  Although I wasn't nearly as lucky on this shopping trip as I was the last one, (we literally went into almost every single store at the outlet mall) I still managed to find this soft and chic yellow pin-striped Ralph Lauren oxford.  Although I set out searching for some more short-sleeved, warmer weather shirts, a girl cannot say no to a nice oxford (I now have one in almost every color...)
   One thing that I have learned from trying to pack for college: you really have no idea how much stuff you have until you have to fit everything in suitcases!  I have spent hours and days organizing and reorganizing my stuff to fit into as little number of  bags as possible... and don't even get me started on going through my computer and trying to transport everything onto my new hard drive! CRAZY!

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