Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Kooks

After a long day at work, I ventured to see The Kooks this weekend: my 15-year-old self's impossible dream!  Although it was insanely hot, it was SPECTACULAR!  I drove down with my friend, and it took a lot shorter than we had expected, which was awesome.  When we arrived, we waited in the quickly growing line for a while, talking to his brother and his bro's girlfriend, before I met a girl that I'll be going to college with next year! I talked to her for a while, met her friends, and then we went inside, and reconnected after a little while.
The openers were (surprisingly) excellent, so the concert started off on a good note.  Plus, it seriously helped that we were just two rows of people away from the front!  After a while, due to the insane amount of people in the small, standing-room-only bar, it got hot and crowded very, very quickly.  Before The Kooks even came on stage, four people had to be carried away because they fainted of heat exhaustion!  Thankfully, they started giving away their $3 waters into the crowd and spraying us with the leftovers to cool us down.  I was pushed, elbowed, and crowded by sweaty people the whole night, but it was fantastic.  I was literally within feet of the beautiful Luke Pritchard, and it was all worth it.
After the concert, we went to the gas station next door and got huge ice-cold water bottles, and sat outside in the cool (finally!!) air to talk for a while.  It was such a fantastic night, I'm so glad I was able to go, meet new people, and listen to AWESOME music!

What I wore:

An old tank from my Grandma that I fitted, my mom's old shorts

What I heard:

Sway The Kooks

Slave Northern Faces (Formerly Around the World and Back)

Wild #2 Royal Teeth

What I saw:
Luke Pritchard from The Kooks my friend's photo

Northern Faces (formerly Around the World and Back) their website

Definitely need to do it again sometime SOON!

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