Monday, April 9, 2012

A Parisian Morning

Since my end-of-year french club field trip freshman year to a local creperie, I have been a die-hard crepe addict.  As a lover of French culture and new foods, this little trip opened a whole new world to me.  Since then, I have tried almost every single crepe on the menu, shared the fabulous find with my friends and family, and found a creperie in almost every one of my favorite places.
Saturday while grocery shopping with my mom and passing by a display of Nutella, I decided to try my own rendition of the food that I haven't had in so long.  So, I threw the tub of Nutella in the cart and went home to search for a crepe recipe.  I simply googled "easy crepe recipe" and just clicked on the first link, and it happened to be a huge success!
The recipe just gives directions for the actual crepe, and I just added a little flair and spread some Nutella on it then sprinkled some freshly chopped strawberries and folded it over.  I must say, the recipe was INCREDIBLY easy and the outcome was equally delicious!

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