Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grocery Fashion

What I'm wearing: Aeropostale sunglasses, Pashmina scarf, vintage jacket, vintage purse, H&M jeans, and Aldo oxfords.

It's a bit blurry since I don't have a proper camera and therefore have to take pictures on my iPod but with all of these awesome apps that I'm discovering, it makes it totally worth it!  I have been rarely putting much effort into how I dress at school since, well, let's face it: I'm now a second semester senior who has been accepted to all (but one) of her colleges.  There really isn't much of anything I put a whole lot of effort into now- especially when that thing requires waking up before the sun does.
Anyway, since I end up wearing comfy jeans and sweaters almost everyday, I've been putting extra fashion effort into doing simpler things, such as grocery shopping, like today.

Now that my workload has plateaued and I have extra time on my hands, I've been getting back into my creative streak.  I've been experimenting with many different knitting patters and DIYs and I can't wait to share some of my creations!  Although I promised myself on New Year's that I would start to get back into reading and writing, I'm content with my returned craftiness!

Hopefully I continue to be inspired and continue to think of cool stuff to make! (I'm even thinking about starting my own Etsy shop!)

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